Ohio Extreme Soccer Club – Academy

For Boys and Girls Ages 4 to 10.

Offered during the following Seasons / Locations:

Lima:   Fall, Winter, Spring

Delphos:   Spring

Ottawa:  Spring

Sidney:  Fall, Winter, Spring

Piqua:  Spring

DEADLINE FOR SPRING SEASON IS APRIL 1st.  Please Register Today.  Please email us at info@ohioextremesc.com if you would like to register by mail/check.

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Typical Academy Year:


Fall Season:
June-July: Registration is Open
August/September/October:   8 Week Season – with one practice per week and at least 4 “Game Days” on weekends.

Winter Season #1:
October:  Registration is Open
November/December:    7 Week Season – with one practice and one indoor league game per week.

Winter Season #2:
December: Registration is Open
January/February:    7 Week Season – with one practice and one indoor league game per week.

Spring Season:
March: Registration is Open
April/May:    8 Week Season – with one practice per week and at least 4 “Game Days” on weekends.

Fees:   The cost is $75 per season. What do the fees include?

Professional instruction delivered by Ohio Extreme’s coaching staff, Ohio Extreme Under Armour jersey (first season in the program), exclusive discounts on additional soccer programming and camps and a great experience! Players may skip seasons, but it’s recommended that in order for players to reach full potential that they should play in all seasons and follow the  development model.


What is the goal of the Ohio Extreme Academy Program?

The goal of the Academy program is to have fun and to teach fundamentals. It is also designed to show the benefits of playing year round soccer and being coached the right way. We hope the program prepares players (and families) to play on the OESC competitive level teams which travel for league games and tournaments. We hope that our Academy players learn to love the game so that they want to play at a higher level.

We strongly support boys and girls ages 4 through 10 playing recreational soccer in their communities. We are also, however, are aware that some players seek additional soccer experiences. Therefore, Ohio Extreme SC has created the Academy program to provide additional opportunities for these young players. All training within the Academy Program is directed by our professional staff.  We also use experienced parent coaches to assist in coaching in the program.

The program is a great way for players to experience the fun of soccer while also learning valuable lessons on how to play the game. Academy players will be more prepared for the competitive soccer environment when they are ready to play at a higher level.

Have more questions?   Please email us at Info@OhioExtremeSC.com

To Register for Academy, please Click Here